Hello sweet life!

Claudi, Jere & Snoop Dogg

Hi out there! We are glad that you (obviously) have found our blog. Why do you read the first post? Maybe you are looking for ideas what to write in your own blog. Well, we are glad if we can inspire you 🙂 But maybe you are also interested why we decided to write this blog. Ok, so here we go…

We are Claudi (32), Jere (33) and our little dog Snoop Dogg (2) [We just call him with his full name when we are angry with him. Otherwise we will just call him Snoop or Snoopy.] We both are former media students and started our professional life about 5 years ago. We met at university 11 years ago and fell in love Today we live in a medium-sized German city between the Black Forest and the French border. Claudi is working as an instructional designer in the field of e-learning for different universities and companies and as a freelancer. Jere brings home the bacon by being a UX designer working for a successful usability agency. Basically we are quite satisfied with our lives. We live in a nice flat, drive a nice car and we try to enjoy life everyday. All in all there is almost nothing fundamental to complain about and we do appreciate that.

However, after working in basically the same job for a couple of years you reach the point where you start to question what you want to do with your life. Is it going on like this? Do I really want to go on working in this job? What else does life hold for you? What makes you really happy and satisfied in life? These are a few of the questions which we can not answer yet. On the one hand we have not experienced enough in our lives to make a decision what we like best. On the other hand everyday life does not give us enough time for the freedom and muse to really think about the answers to these questions.

In 2010 just before finishing our studies at university we have been in New Zealand together for 10 months (first accompanied by a friend, later just the two of us). In that time we have been traveling a lot, lived from day to day, worked here and there when we needed money and spontaneously stayed at places we liked. We enjoyed this way of living very much. And we have had time. Time to think about what to do after university. Time to think about our futures. And best of all: time to enjoy an independent sweet life to full extent. (For those interested: We did write a blog about that trip which was quite successful in the German New Zealand traveler community. You can visit it at www.ganzrechtsunten.de Sorry for the bad English, it’s machine translated by Google.)

The questions mentioned above as well as the experiences we made by our trip to New Zealand have been the main reasons for us to think about how to escape everyday life again for a couple of months in the next one or two years. We do want to have time to answer the questions and we do want to have to time to enjoy life and traveling again.

We believe that we are not the only ones in a situation like this. Many people have the same feelings and wishes after the first years of professional life. And all of them do have the same questions as we have today: How can I take time off from my job for a trip like that? How do I fund a longer trip? How do I prepare the trip so that I have the freedom of doing whatever I want after coming back? These are the questions we are trying to answer in our blog.

We hope you enjoy reading and that we can inspire you to realize your own plans. And we hope that we can answer the question “How To Travel?”